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Abstract Landscapes

Solid ground for SCIENCE

Complex Systems and Projects

To reach reliable and reproducible RESULTS, you need a well defined path for execution and verification.

We assure these by using the SYSTEMS ENGINEERING methods and our EXPERIENCE spanning all the life-cycle stages of complex systems.

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Why "Abstract Landscapes"?

When you know how to DO something, you have a clear image in your head.
We call that an
abstract landscape. And we make it REAL.

Bring your project to the next levels, via a systems approach.
Abstract Landscapes provides consultancy for technical, coordination and verification tasks, with experience spanning all the life-cycle stages of complex systems. We thus fill a gap in the available expertise needed at different stages in the life-cycle of complex systems, by offering part-time support and invoicing based on the real effort spent.
The Abstract Landscapes consultancy company was founded by Dr. Liviu Penescu, pursuing a constant interest in reliable and efficient system performance, accurate scientific modeling and knowledge consolidation.

Contact us to explore the plus-values we can bring to your project.



Cosylab at ITER
MedAustron logo

Design of Plant Instrumentation & Control for ITER diagnostics systems (systems engineering, quality assurance and control).

Various expert support (particle accelerator technology, performance verification and troubleshooting, beam commissioning).



Medicis-Promed at CERN
FABLE Consortium logo

Technical design of particle accelerator facility.

Model consolidation, user training and quality control.

Conference Highlights talk for the 17th International Conference on Ion Sources.

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